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Willtec Dr Pepper Soda Syrup Concentrate (5Gal)

  • Easy to connect to Real Soda Dispensers
  • Totally Green Friendly, Syrup comes in a Plastic Bag inside a cardboard box, and both are recyclable so nothing goes to land fill
  • Great price delivered to your home

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You can have Great Tasting Real Dr Pepper when you want!  Was Dr Pepper Invented?
A young pharmacist by the name of Charles Alderton first invented Dr Pepper in 1885 in the city of Waco, Texas. Alderton was working in a drug store where sodas were served at a soda fountain. Alderton had begun inventing his own soda recipes and found his Dr Pepper flavors were becoming very popular. The drink that soon became Dr Pepper was originally nicknamed a "Waco" and customers would ask Alderton to shoot them a "Waco" all the time. The drink, Dr Pepper, was originally named by the owner of the drug store where Alderton worked. The owner had decided to name the drink after a close friend of his, Dr. Charles Pepper. A businessman named Robert S. Lazenby stepped in when Alderton and Morrison, the drug store owner, found it difficult to meet the rising demands of customers who loved Dr Pepper flavors. Alderton decided he didn't want to pursue the business and manufacturing of a soft drink, so he allowed Lazenby and Morrison to take over. In 1904, Morrison and Lazenby introduced Dr Pepper to the 20 million attendees of the 1904 World's Fair Exposition in St. Louis, Missouri. Interestingly, Dr Pepper is the oldest manufacturer of soft drinks in the United States. Now, of course, the soda is served and enjoyed worldwide and also in restaurant soda dispensers through the use of Dr Pepper Syrup.

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