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Smoker's Outpost Site Saver Cigarette Receptacle (Choose Your Color)

  • The unique cigarette receptacle with an airtight snap-lock closure
  • Attaches lid to base without the use of hardware
  • Remove top to empty pail liner; lid easily snaps back into place
  • Includes 5-quart removable pail liner
  • FM Approved - third party tested

Color: Gray
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Site Saver® Cigarette Receptacle (Choose Your Color) is a great way to keep the area clean where people smoke cigarettes. Many people find cigarette butts on the ground to be distasteful and unattractive. The Site Saver cigarette butt receptacle comes in four colors: black dark gray, light gray and orange.

Is the Site Saver Cigarette Receptacle Safe to Use?

Although made of plastic, the outdoor ashtray has a galvanized steel five-quart removable liner that catches the cigarette butts as they fall into the smoking receptacle. The shape of the outdoor cigarette receptacle causes the interior to be oxygen-restrictive and this lack of oxygen puts the cigarette out in seconds. Cleaning is very easy; simply remove the cover, dump the five-quart pail and place it back under the cover.

What are Some of the Features of the Site Saver Cigarette Receptacle?

The unit is built for all-year use; it is weather resistant and made of polyethylene for years of faithful service. The outdoor ashtray is equipped with security tie-down rings and an air-tight, snap-lock that attaches the lid to the base. This American-made product is sourced right here in the United States.

Keep Your Smoke Pit Clean and Neat

Unsightly cigarette butts all over the ground don't present a clean and neat appearance. Encourage the smokers in your areas by placing a site saver cigarette receptacle in the smoke pit. People will want to place their butts in the receptacle rather than on the ground. The cigarette butt receptacle will also reduce the risk of fires associated with smoldering cigarette butts. When the cigarette is placed into the receptacle, it goes out almost immediately.

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