Scotch Double Sided Tape Dispenser, 6 Count, 1/2" x 425", Value Pack

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Fulfill all of your tape-using needs and more with Scotch® Double-Sided Tape, 1/2" x 425", 6 Dispensers per Pack

Is This Tape Good For Crafting?

Yes, Scotch Double-Sided Tape is coated with photo-safe permanent adhesive on both sides of the tape. The photo-safe coating makes this double-sided tape perfect for scrapbooking, photo mounting and other craft-related activities. This double sided sticky tape provides you with a total amount of tape that extends to over 83 yards, which means if you combined all of the tape that comes in this pack, you could almost cover the length of a professional football field.

What Does Photo-Safe Mean?

Photo-safe tape, like Scotch Double-Sided Tape, is different from regular tape because it is acid-free. The acid-free capabilities of this tape mean that it can be used on photographs because it will not deteriorate the photo and cause irreversible damage. Whenever you mount photographs in your scrapbook or in a picture frame, using a photo-safe tape is essential if you want to keep the photo in pristine condition.

Uses For Scotch Double-Sided Tape

You can use this double-sided sticky tape for a wide variety of applications. Double-sided tape is created by applying thin, adhesive layers to both sides of a tape-carrier material. Use your Scotch Double-Sided Tape for improving acoustics and sounds in your music room or garage by sticking foam to the walls with the tape. For graphic arts and signage, this tape is the ideal way to stick what you need together. Depending on the weight of your picture frames, you can also use this double-sided tape to keep your pictures on the walls of your home or office. Women can also utilize double-sided tape in a more creative way: for applying lace wigs. The tape helps you keep your wig in place and maintain a natural look all day long.

A Great Alternative To Glue

If you want a no-mess alternative to glue for lighter-duty craft activities, then Scotch Double-Sided Tape provides convenient attaching and mounting without the mess.

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