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Nabisco Cookie Variety Pack (60 pk.)

  • Take a delicious break with Golden Oreo Cookies, classic Oreo Cookies and Chips Ahoy Cookies
  • It doesn't matter if you're wanting chocolate chips, a chocolate cookie or a golden treat, there's something in this pack for every mood, every occasion and every appetite
  • Each pack is great for snacking and sharing at home, in lunches, in the office or on the go
  • America's favorite cookies in perfect portable packs
  • Includes 60 packs (30 packs of classic Oreos, 20 packs of Chips Ahoy and 10 packs of Golden Oreo)

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Offering three different flavors, the Nabisco Cookie Variety Pack contains treats for the entire family to enjoy. Individually packaged, they are ideal for school or work lunches.

What Flavors of Cookie?

Popular cookies such as Oreos, Chips Ahoy! and Golden Oreo Cookies are included in this variety pack. Whether you are in the mood for chocolate, chocolate chips or vanilla cream, you'll be satisfied.

Snack at Home or On the Go

With two cookies in each package, the Nabisco Cookie Variety Pack is suitable for both kids and adults. Lightweight and sealed for freshness, you can put them in a backpack or purse for a quick snack while out and about.

What Size Are the Cookies?

These cookies are standard size, not mini-cookies. This is just enough to satisfy a sweet tooth and curb your hunger in between meals.

How Many Cookie Bags are in a Box?

A total of 60 cookie bags come in the box. This includes 30 bags of Oreos, 10 bags of Golden Oreos and 20 bags of Chips Ahoy! Cookies. This is a great buy for small stores and vending machine owners. Pre-packaged, you can also hand them out as a treat at Halloween or for a school birthday or holiday celebration.

Easily Stored

The Nabisco Cookie Variety Pack comes in a large box for easy storage. In this tightly sealed box, you can safely transport this snack pack anywhere. You can also make them readily accessible for the kids at home by taking them out of the box and placing them in a bin inside the pantry. This way when the kids are hungry they can just grab a bag and go.

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