InstaFire Starter Kit Bundle



Insta-Fire Fire-Logs are made from recycled, renewable hickory sawdust - no extra trees are cut down. Insta-Fire Fire-Logs are manufactured under tight quality control to ensure the moisture content is reduced to 4-6% vs. 25 – 30% in other logs.   

This manufacturing process ensures that the Fire-Logs produce a fire that lights quicker, burns hotter, more efficient and cleaner than cordwood. Insta-Fire Fire-Logs also produce less than 1% ash with virtually no creosote emissions which makes clean up very easy. This KILN DRIED hickory sawdust is gathered from the manufacturing process of axe & hammer handles and is re-purposed to create our log rather than filling the landfills with the leftover sawdust.   

The Insta-Fire Fire-log creates an enhanced environmentally friendly log. After the Insta-Fire Fire-Log is spent, the ashes create a nitrogen rich “natural fertilizer” that can be used in your garden, houseplants or simple put back out into nature. You can cook with the Insta-Fire Fire-log unlike 95% of the manufactured logs that are sold in the market. We are certified by USDA so that you can cook over!  Roasting hot dogs, hamburgers and marshmallows have never been easier and more enjoyable all with that great hickory smell!

  • Made from Kiln Dried Hickory Hickory Sawdust (Driest log on the market!)
  • Virtually Spark Free
  • USDA Certified to be able to Cook Over
  • InstaFire’s Leftover Ash is a Natural Fertilizer
  • Made in USA

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