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Iconex Consecutively Numbered Double Ticket Roll, Red, 2000 Tickets/Roll

  • Consecutively numbered roll of tickets
  • 2,000 numbered tickets with duplicates
  • Red color

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This Consecutively Numbered Double Ticket Roll - Red - 2,000 ct. is a smart choice for raffles at your next community gathering, county fair, game or match. Your customers will be thrilled by the old-school tangibility of a little red ticket. These raffle tickets are also great for coat check, since the tickets are printed with duplicate numbers. This allows you to keep one ticket and distribute the other matching number. The tickets are printed with graphics that state “Deposit One” and “Keep One.”

Are There 4,000 Tickets on the Roll?

Technically, there are 4,000 tickets because each of the numbered tickets has a duplicate. That's what makes this a double ticket roll. Double roll raffle tickets are vital to ensuring the integrity of your raffle draw and avoiding the controversy of a re-draw or challenge by customers.

Are These Custom Raffle Tickets?

No, these are standard raffle ticket rolls. The Consecutively Numbered Double Ticket Roll in Red will give your customers confidence as they buy raffle tickets, because they are familiar and easy to understand. These tickets are perfect for church raffles, school competitions and football game fundraisers.

What Else Can the Consecutively Numbered Double Ticket Roll Be Used for?

These tickets make great tickets for waiting or keeping a place in line, as their consecutive numbers give a sense of chronology. If you have a busy restaurant, bar or shop that inspires long queues, these tickets provide an easy way to keep the lines down while keeping everyone in order.

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