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Gold Medal Mega Pop Popcorn Kit (12 oz. kit, 24 ct.)

  • Mega pop popcorn with great, buttery flavors
  • 24 kits per case
  • Produces 12 servings of popped popcorn
  • Portion-controlled ingredients for ideal portion sizes

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Enjoy the convenience and ease of this Gold Medal® Mega Pop Popcorn Kit (12 oz. kit, 24 ct.).

Everything You Need

The Gold Medal Mega Pop Popcorn Kit contains everything you need the next time you decide to make some delicious mega pop popcorn. The kit contains corn, oil and salt and requires no measuring as the kit provides a suitable portion for any 12/14 oz. kettles. This kit produces over 12 ounces of butter-like popcorn in every bag. This means that each kit contains pre-measured portions that give you "theater style" popcorn servings in every batch.

Is This Mega Pop Popcorn Healthy?

The Gold Medal Mega Pop Popcorn Kit contains no trans fats, which is beneficial for your health. A food that contains no trans fats lowers your risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. This is because trans fats potentially increase the levels of bad cholesterol in your body while decreasing the levels of good cholesterol. This Gold Medal popcorn doesn't contain any trans fats and can give you peace of mind when you eat it knowing that your heart health is in good hands.

Is Artificial Butter Flavor Bad?

Gold Medal popcorn produces butter-like popcorn because it contains artificial butter flavoring, and that's not a bad thing. Artificial flavors are actually better tested and regulated than natural flavors, so you know that the artificial butter flavoring in your mega pop popcorn has been rigorously tested and held to certain safety measures before being cleared for your consumption.

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