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Gold Medal Free 'N Easy Caramel Popcorn Separator Aid (1 qt. bottle, 12 ct.)

  • Kosher parve certified
  • Makes any caramel corn recipe less sticky for better separation
  • Only takes a few squirts per batch of caramel corn

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Gold Medal Free 'N Easy Caramel Popcorn Separator Aid (1 qt. bottle, 12 ct.) keeps your caramel corn separated with ease, while the convenient value-size package will keep your pantry stocked for all of your baking needs. This soybean oil product only requires a few squirts to keep each batch from sticking together after the caramel cools.

How Long Will Gold Medal Free 'N Easy Caramel Popcorn Separator Aid Last?

There are 12 quarts of separator aid in this package, and you only need about 10-15 squirts per batch to get the best results. This economy-sized pack of oil should provide plenty of longevity in your pantry, no matter how much caramel corn you bake up. For popcorn shops and bakeries that make their own caramel corn, this multipack delivers plenty of product for less with exclusive member pricing.

Where Can I Buy This Popcorn Separator Aid?

Currently, Gold Medal Free 'N Easy is only available to purchase online. Plus members can enjoy free shipping on this and many other purchases with no minimum order required. This item is not available for sale in club stores.

Do The Bottles Include a Sprayer?

This value pack of Free 'N Easy separator includes standard bottles with caps. A sprayer option is available, but the sprayer nozzle is sold separately.

Does This Spray Work on Air Popped Popcorn?

This spray works on all types of popcorn, including air-popped kernels. For best results, follow instructions on product packaging. From popcorn shops to the home kitchen, this oil will provide sticky-free finishes for all your batches of popcorn.

Will This Spray Work with Any Caramel Corn Recipe?

Gold Medal Free 'N Easy Caramel Popcorn Separator Aid is ideal for all kinds of caramel and candy corn. When the corn gets sticky, you simply add a few squirts of this spray to your favorite caramel popcorn recipe and the sticking will stop. This spray should be added to the candy coating when it reaches about 275 degrees for optimal results.

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