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Gold Medal® 8050D 208V Funnel Cake Fryer - 32 lbs.

This funnel cake fryer creates the ideal snack at any circus or carnival

  • Holds 32 lbs. of oil
  • Makes approximately 60 cakes per hour with an 8" funnel cake ring

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This standard of the industry fryer for Funnel Cakes, or Elephant Ears, is a great accessory for vending and creates the ideal snack at any concession event. Whether you need to make (4) 8 inch Funnel Cakes, (2) large Elephant Ears, or (12) French Waffles this fryer can do it. The FW12 fryer is 5500 watts/208V. A receptacle is included, but this fryer needs a 208 volt, 30 amp, dedicated line.

  • Now a UL Requirement and standard on all Gold Medal Electric Fryers is an emergency shut off button. Should an emergency situation occur you can simply push this button to shut the unit off as opposed to reaching across the hot oil.
  • This unit also has a safety plug on the drain valve. This feature prevents any accidental drainage of hot oil should the handle be bumped, or pulled. This feature is now standard on all Gold Medal Electric fryers.

    Items sold separately but recommended for use with this fryer:
  • 8" Funnel Cake Ring (item 410200)
  • Funnel Cake Tool Kit (item 420399)
  • Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cake Mix (item 862957)
  • Old Fashioned Funnel Cake Mix (item 862964)
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