Gatorade Classic Variety Pack (32oz / 12pk)

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Gatorade Classic Variety Pack is the delicious choice for keeping your mind focused and your body hydrated. This popular sports drink is a true thirst quencher, thanks to its special blend of electrolytes and offers three popular Gatorade flavors. Quench your thirst for knowledge with more info on Gatorade.

What Comes in This Gatorade Classic Variety Pack?

This multipack contains 12 bottles of 32-ounce sized Gatorade bottles – four Gatorade fruit punch, four lemon lime Gatorade and four orange Gatorade. Each is made with a blend of natural flavors and electrolytes, so drinkers can enjoy a refreshing fruity beverage while revitalizing their body with beneficial nutrients.

Is Gatorade Sports Drink Effective?

Yes! Gatorade is a favorite beverage for those who live active lifestyles. It was initially created decades ago in Florida to help members of professional sports teams stay hydrated and improve their performance. It was a success and is still revered for its pioneering research in the field of sports nutrition. Gatorade sports drink's distinct blend of electrolytes replace what is lost when our bodies sweat during physical exertion. When we're hydrated, it is difficult for our bodies to achieve results and for our minds to concentrate, which is why Gatorade is such an extraordinary beverage. It's still chugged on the field and off, being a staple in homes and stores across the nation and adored by people who love its delicious taste and its repairing and stamina-building effects on their bodies.

Gatorade Classic Variety Pack – Plenty to Share

With 12 bottles of jumbo 32-ounce Gatorade bottles, this is the perfect multipack for homes whose children play sports. It's also excellent for those who may have partied a little too hard during the holidays or at other social functions, as Gatorade refuels the body after bouts of dehydration that happen when drinking. Thanks to its large bottle size and multi-flavor variety, it's ideal for restocking a convenience store or for resale at sporting event concession stands.

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