EarthSense Recycled Can Liners (13 gal., 90 ct.)

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Stop wrestling with kitchen garbage liners that rip and tear easily and switch to EarthSense®  Recycled Can Liners (13 gal., 90 ct.). These white garbage bags are designed to fit mid-sized kitchen trash cans, making them perfect for everyday waste around the house. EarthSense plastic trash bags come with four flap ties so you can easily tie up your garbage without the need of a twist tie. The sturdy bags will keep your garbage in and the unpleasant smell out of your home. EarthSense®  Recycled Can Liners (13 gal., 90 ct.) are SCScertified™ as a sustainable product that uses at least 60% recycled content.

What Does Low-Density Resin Mean?

When a bag is made with low-density resin, it means it’s a more durable bag designed for heavy-duty jobs. EarthSense®  Recycled Can Liners (13 gal., 90 ct.) are more resistant to tearing but also hold less than high-density bags. With these white trash bags, you can throw out sharp and rough-edged objects without worrying about the bag easily tearing. Once a high-density bag tears, the rip will continue to grow easily until your trash spills out.

A Reliable Trash Bag for Around the House

These durable trash can liners are made to make cleanup around your house easy while preventing unwanted spills. Whether it’s glass or food, these white trash bag liners will keep your garbage where it belongs. Time for spring cleaning? You can trust in EarthSense trash bags to help clean up your rooms and declutter your house.

What Kind of Seal Is the Bottom of Each Bag?

The EarthSense recycled can liners are designed with a star seal, or “X-seal.” This kind of seal is the most common in household trash bags and provides a nearly leak-proof hold to prevent wet trash from seeping out. Star seal trash can liners also fit into most kitchen trash cans with ease.

The Perk of Flap Ties

With flap ties, you can fill your garbage liners up a little further to the top without worrying about leaving room to tie the bag. The flap ties provide guaranteed slack so you can tie each bag tight. Flap ties also give you something to hold while removing the trash bag from your can.

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