EarthSense 56 gal. Recycled Trash Bags (100 ct.)

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For commercial bins and cans used in public spaces, there are EarthSense® 56 gal. Recycled Trash Bags (100 ct.). Whether filling large bins in a cafeteria or being used to clean up an outdoor space, these plastic garbage bags are a durable option that helps prevent spills and leaks. Corporate entities can make use of the durability of each bag to promote a cleaner job site while parks and recreational areas can line their outdoor canisters with them for easier cleanup.

What Trash Bin Size Will My EarthSense 56 gal. Recycled Trash Bags Fit In?

Each large garbage bag is the ideal size for commercial cleanup and outdoor public spaces. The large size is ideal for high-traffic environments or businesses that generate a lot of trash. At over 50 gallons, each liner can be full but still manageable to carry without worries about spilling and tearing.

What Density Are My Black Trash Bags?

These black trash bags are made of a low-density resin. Though they may hold a smaller load than high-density bags, these plastic trash bags are more resistant to tearing. That means they’re perfect for jobs that produce trash with jagged and sharp edges, rough corners and pointed ends. When high-density bags are ripped, they’re prone to continue ripping and causes a mess.

Clean Up Your Yard with EarthSense 56 gal. Recycled Trash Bags

Due to the low-density of these plastic garbage bags, you can clean up your yard without worrying about tearing. The commercial bags can be used to pick up pointed sticks, piles of brush and trimmings and sharp rocks. They’re an unexpected tool that can make backyard cleanup a much easier job.

Made From Recycled Materials

EarthSense promotes sustainability through its use of recycled materials to create these heavy-duty bags.

Flat Bottom for Less Leaking

Each bag is designed with a flat bottom seal to eliminate weak spots and create a two-dimensional bag that holds 30% more than star bottom plastic trash bags. Star seals may be a little more durable, but their design limits the amount of space.

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