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EarthSense 16 gal. Recycled Trash Bags (500 ct.)

  • Low-density bags for greater tear resistance
  • Large garbage bags fits tall kitchen bins
  • Flat bottom holds more than star seals

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EarthSense® 16 gal. Recycled Trash Bags (500 ct.) provide a durable liner for your at-home and in-office garbage pail. Featuring a strong flat bottom seal, you’ll experience fewer leaks from heavily filled bags, ensuring that the garbage stays in the bag and not on your bin. The low-density bags are best used for common household messes, including plastic utensils, sharp-edged metals and compostable waste. The EarthSense 16 gal. Recycled Trash Bags are also durable enough to be used outside to clean up trimmings and small sticks.

What Size Garbage Bin Does the 16 Gallon Bag Work For?

A 16-gallon plastic garbage bag is going to be large enough to fit within a tall kitchen trash can. The flat bottom and durable plastic of the EarthSense garbage bag makes it ideal for holding food waste and other garbage produced in the kitchen or office common area.  

Are EarthSense 16 gal. Recycled Trash Bags Made of Post-Consumer Recycled Materials?

These commercial plastic garbage bags are made from both pre- and post-consumer use materials to promote environmental sustainability and preservation.

Flat Bottom Versus Star Bottom Bags

EarthSense black trash bags are made with a flat bottom, creating a two-dimensional bag that holds 30% more waste than star bottom bags. A flat seal provides more durable protection against leaks. Star seal bags may conform better to garbage cans with a more rounded shape, but they are more likely to fill up quickly.

What Is a Low-Density Bag?

These large trash bags fall into the category of low-density, which ultimately means it is designed to withstand rough waste and difficult transportation conditions. They provide a durable hold and are intended for storing potentially sharp and rough-edged objects through transport conditions that may toss it about. Low-density bags are more resistant to tearing and ripping than high-density bags.

Great for Spring Cleaning

The durability of these large garbage bags makes them great for spring cleaning around the house. Throw out heavy and jagged-edged objects and trash without worrying about the bag ripping. The 16-gallon bag is a moderate size that will help clean up multiple rooms before getting full.

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