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EarthSense 10 gal. Recycled Trash Bags (500 ct.)

  • Environmentally friendly, unlike plastic garbage bags
  • 500-count package
  • Great for school cafeterias
  • Easy to use
  • Durable trash can liner

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Fall is the most photogenic season. Americans all over the country travel to the nearest mountain summit to enjoy beautiful views of leaves turning to different colors. The shift to fall foliage is one of the most relaxing events to witness, and also one that makes a great background for those annual family photos. Aside from being great to look at and enjoy as a picture backdrop, the reality is that you'll be spending a lot of time in your yard raking leaves. While there are some ways to make raking easier, you can simplify the removal of fallen leaves with the EarthSense® 10 gal. Recycled Trash Bags (500 ct.)

What Are Good Uses for These Large Trash Bags?

With hundreds of trash bags in every package, these are also great for events outside the home. The bags can be used to discard all of the utensils and foodstuffs that are used during family reunions. Easy to bring to the park and environmentally friendly, the bags are also useful for large conferences and school cafeterias.

Are the EarthSense 10 gal. Recycled Trash Bags Reliable?

Excessively large garbage bag sizes can be deceiving for many reasons. Some are large in size, but once they fill up, they tend to break apart. You don't want to clean up any messes that trash bags are intended to hold securely. You also shouldn't need to make an additional effort in picking up leaves that you spent hours raking. These trash can liners are mostly made out of strong, recycled content that does not break apart like inferior plastic garbage bags.

Are these Trash Can Liners Environmentally Friendly?

Plastic and other materials continue to destroy the environment. Plastic straws are slowly being replaced with biodegradable material. Plastic garbage bags can take years to disintegrate, making production and removal of the item harmful to the environment. EarthSense 10 gal. Recycled Trash Bags are large trash bags that are environmentally friendly. All large trash bags consist of 75% recycled content, and a pre-consumer recycled content of 65%. Better for your home and better for the environment.

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