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Dynarex Paper Surgical Tape - 144 ct. - 1"

  • Surgical tape for a good value that doesn't sacrifice performance
  • Easy to tear and convenient to use
  • Latex-free
  • Natural, highly porous construction allows the skin to breathe through the tape
  • 12 rolls per box, 12 boxes per case

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Don't sacrifice performance while providing value with this Dynarex® Paper Surgical Tape - 144 ct. - 1".

What Is Surgical Tape?

Dynarex Paper Surgical Tape is a type of adhesive tape that is pressure sensitive. Surgical tape is used in medicine and first aid to hold bandages or other types of dressings onto a wound. Most surgical tapes tend to be made with hypoallergenic materials in order to avoid any type of allergic reactions from a patient. The medical tape is designed to firmly adhere to the skin, bandages and underlying layers of tape without being difficult to remove or damaging the skin. Surgical tapes are "breathable," meaning they allow air to reach the skin. Most breathable surgical and medical tapes are either made from cotton or microporous materials. Dynarex Paper Surgical Tape is made from a microporous material to allow the skin to breathe through the tape.

Why Is Surgical Tape White?

Surgical and medical tape tends to be white because it contains zinc oxide. Zinc oxide not only creates the white coloration of the tape but also allows the tape to act as a disinfectant. This is because zinc oxide is added to the tape to help prevent infections. Zinc oxide is able to act as a disinfectant due to its antibacterial properties and is often used in other products like baby powders and barrier creams to prevent bacterial growth. Zinc oxide is also used in sunscreens and other lotions to protect the skin from UV rays and sun damage.


Dynarex Paper Surgical Tape is latex-free in order to be applied to anyone who has a latex allergy. In addition to being latex-free, this medical tape also tears easily for anyone to use conveniently. Don't worry about having to get out a pair of scissors to cut the tape as a simple rip and tear of the tape will do the trick.

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