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Dubble Bubble Seedling Fruit Gumballs (20.39lbs.)

  • Each fruit gumball contains a candy seed inside
  • Dubble Bubble is the leading manufacturer in gumballs
  • A machine branded with Dubble Bubble is proven to increase sales
  • The sell thru of just one box or one fill of your vending machine will probably generate enough profit to pay for your machine investment

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These Dubble Bubble Seedling Fruit Gumballs come in many shapes and flavors to add excitement for children and adults alike. The gumballs are each shaped like fruit and contain a small candy seed on the inside. Dubble Bubble is a popular purveyor of gumballs and other candies and can often be seen in establishments with vending machines.

What Flavors Do Dubble Bubble Seedling Fruit Gumballs Come In?

There are five different flavors of seedling Dubble Bubble gumballs. They come in tart lemon, sweet apple, juicy grape, tasty strawberry and delicious watermelon. Each of the different flavors has its own shape that corresponds to the fruit it has been based on. The variety of flavors will appeal to many children and teenagers who enjoy a sweet treat. Adults who enjoy sweets will likely also appreciate the tangy fruit flavor of Dubble Bubble gumballs.

Are Dubble Bubble Seedling Fruit Gumballs Ideal for Vending Machine Sales?

The number-one brand of gumballs in the bulk vending industry is Dubble Bubble. The brand is known for its quality and flavor and these seedling Dubble Bubble gumballs are no exception. The purchase of an 850-count box will often make enough income to make up for the purchase of a vending machine to place them in. The gumballs have a shelf life of 24 months after the production date so they can be stored until needed for further use.

Fruity Gumballs with Candy Seeds

What sets these gumballs apart from others is their distinct fruity shape and the small candy seed that lies in the center of each one. This offers a little surprise when reaching the interior of the candy gumball. In addition to being a great buy for vending machine operators, this bulk Dubble Bubble option is also ideal for classrooms, birthday parties or other situations where lots of kids will be around. The gumballs are inexpensive and you get plenty to pass around.

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