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Dubble Bubble Cotton Candy Coated Candy (24.95lbs.)

  • Enjoy an almost endless supply of bubble gum balls
  • Long-lasting candy has an authentic taste
  • Product has a two-year shelf life
  • Ideal for a Dubble Bubble gumball machine
  • Bite-sized candies are perfect for all ages

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This bulk package of Dubble Bubble Cotton Candy Coated Candy is an ideal solution for those who just purchased a candy machine for sale or who would like to invest in such a fun business. Even if just enjoyed at home, these tasty candies are a delicious "anytime" treat.

What Flavors Are The Dubble Bubble Cotton Candy Coated Candy Treats?

As the name implies, you enjoy a distinct cotton candy taste, but there are three unique flavors that include cherry, lemon and blue raspberry – all iconic cotton candy flavors enjoyed at every fair, carnival and special event.

What Is The Weight of This Container?

This package has a weight of just under 25 pounds and is ideal for those who own a Double Bubble gumball machine or another vending device.

Are They The Same Size as Bubble Gum Balls?

While you could sell them from a traditional Dubble Bubble gumball machine, they are smaller than traditional gumballs. They measure just ½" in diameter, so your vending machine or dispenser might release three or four at once.

What Is The Shelf Life Of This Candy?

This OU Kosher-Certified candy has an extremely long shelf life of 24 months from the time the product is made. If exposed to regular temperatures, it should be able to remain safely in a vending machine for that lengthy period of time.

Could This Candy Be Used As Snacks And Birthday Parties?

Absolutely. This is a perfect size for the family that loves the flavor of cotton candy and craves it all year long. Store them in airtight containers and serve in a traditional candy dish or use for daily treats in lunch boxes. They can even be a decorative piece on a birthday cake or a delicious ice cream topper.

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