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Dubble Bubble Bonz Candy (27.1lbs.)

  • Dubble Bubble is the leading manufacturer in candy machine candy
  • A machine branded with Dubble Bubble is proven to increase sales
  • The sell thru of just one box or one fill of your vending machine will probably generate enough profit to pay for your machine investment

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Order Dubble Bubble Bonz Candy for a unique addition to vending machines, breakrooms or your next event. This Dubble Bubble tab chewing gum combines an assortment of prime colors, all in the fun shape of a bone.

What Is Dubble Bubble Bonz Candy?

A top-selling candy in the bulk vending industry, Dubble Bubble Bonz Candy includes five different flavors and colors. The flavors include lemon, orange, cherry, fruit and blue raspberry. The colors include yellow, orange, red, white and blue. Each Dubble Bubble gum piece is shaped like a bone and is about 3/4-inch in length. The candy coating has a finished sheen for appearances that then becomes powdery when you crunch into it. This tart, bone-shaped candy is also smaller than the traditional Dubble Bubble classic gumball shape, so you can pop multiple pieces of gum in your mouth or mix and match flavors.

What Is Dubble Bubble Bonz Candy Most Often Used For?

Dubble Bubble Bonz Candy is most often used for vending machines. In fact, there is evidence that a Dubble Bubble branded machine can improve sales. This fun, interesting gum is a great option for vending machines in locations such as restaurants, bars, breakrooms, malls, and sporting venues.

Even though Dubble Bubble is usually used in vending machines, these bone-shaped gum pieces are also a fun addition to parties and events. Pour this colorful gum in cute bowls or dishes to decorate for a birthday party or a Halloween get-together where the bone shape will be right on point.

What Is Dubble Bubble?

Dubble Bubble is the world’s favorite bubble gum brand with almost 100 years of history. Dubble Bubble was an accident—the gum was actually created by a Fleer Candy Company accountant back in 1928. The gum originally featured two comic strip characters. Tootsie is currently the owner and manufacturer of the Dubble Bubble brand.

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