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Dubble Bubble 46mm Mega Mouth Gumballs (18.22lbs.)

  • Dubble Bubble is the leading manufacturer in gumballs
  • A machine branded with Dubble Bubble is proven to increase sales
  • The sell thru of just one box or one fill of your vending machine will probably generate enough profit to pay for your machine investment

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Dubble Bubble 46mm Mega Mouth Gumballs are a classic bulk item for arcades, bowling alleys and other establishments, and also make for a festive addition to parties, weddings and other events. Remind your friends and customers of their childhood with these colorful, large Dubble Bubble gumballs.

Accidentally created in 1928 by Walter Diemer, this gumball bubblegum was originally featured in a popular comic strip with characters Dub & Bub for years. Now produced by Concord Confections, Dubble Bubble is still bringing sweetness and nostalgia to Americans in 60 different combinations and permutations of color and gumball flavor. It has become the number one bubblegum brand of gumballs to be used in the bulk vending industry.

What Are The Specifications Of Dubble Bubble Mega Mouth Gumballs?

Dubble Bubble gumballs are 46 millimeters in diameter and have a standard shelf life from the date of production of 24 months.

What Are Mega Mouth Gumballs?

These Dubble Bubble Mega Mouth Gumballs are exactly that – big. These gumballs usually do not work in standard gumball vending machines. If you would like to use a vending machine for these large gumballs, you can try a 2 Toy Capsule Machine to fit these bubble gum balls. Otherwise, there are numerous ways you can enjoy these massive gumballs. First, you can simply skip the machine and eat the gumballs straight out of the box. These candies are also a fun addition to parties, and you can decorate with little bowls full of colorful bubble gum bowls around the house. They are also a fun addition to a self-serve candy bar, such as at a wedding or other theme party.

These gumballs come in assorted fruit flavors that may include strawberry, pineapple, blueberry, lemon-lime, orange, cherry, banana, grape and classic bubblegum. In fun corresponding colors, everyone will be able to find a Mega Mouth Dubble Bubble that they love.

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