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Dri Mark Counterfeit Bill Detector Pen - 3 pk.

  • Counterfeit money detector pen
  • 3 pens per pack
  • Effective on all United States currency
  • Easy to use and understand the readings
  • Great option for stores, concessions and anyone else who deals with cash

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Do you deal with cash on a regular basis? If you are selling items, and people are paying with cash, how do you know the money is not counterfeit, especially with large bills? While most people are honest, that’s not always the case, and sometimes, they might not even realize they have counterfeit bills. By using this Dri Mark® Counterfeit Bill Detector Pen, you will never again have to wonder about the authenticity of your cash.

What Are the Benefits of the Dri Mark Counterfeit Bill Detector Pen?

Naturally, the biggest benefit of using the Dri Mark counterfeit detector pen is the peace of mind you will have when it comes to the larger bills you are getting. You can simply test them to see whether they are real or not. There are 3 pens per pack, they are nice and easy to use, and it will help to reduce the risk of taking counterfeit money. You just need to make sure you and your employees remember to use it.

How and Where Should You Use the Dri Mark Counterfeit Bill Detector Pen?

The counterfeit bill pens are a good solution for nearly any type of business, as long as you are taking cash. If you are selling through a retail store or a convenience store, you’ll want to have the money detector pen available in all of the cash drawers. Use them when selling at concession stands, when selling at conventions and more.

The Counterfeit Money Detector Pen Is Easy to Use

One of the nice benefits of this counterfeit detector pen is that it’s so simple to use. All you have to do is draw a line on the bill. The line will go on an amber color, and if it stays amber, the money is real. However, if the line you’ve drawn with the counterfeit bill detector turns brown or black, it indicates that the money might not be real. This lets you or your employee know that you shouldn’t accept the cash.

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