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Cosco Easycut Cutter Knife with Self-Retracting Safety-Tipped Blade, Black/Blue

  • Self-retracting box cutter
  • Ideal for warehouses, storerooms, stocking areas and your own home
  • The handle has a blade storage compartment
  • Comes in blue or black

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Use a retractable box cutter that offers extra protection and suitable cutting action with the Cosco® Easycut Cutter Knife with Self-Retracting Safety-Tipped Blade.

Where Do You Use This Safety Box Cutter?

The Cosco Easycut Cutter Knife with Self-Retracting Safety-Tipped Blade is ideal for use in warehouses, storerooms, stocking areas or from the comfort of your home's garage. The handle of the safety box cutter also provides you with a convenient storage place for extra blades so that you can always have an extra blade on hand in case the one you're using becomes dull or broken.

Safety Tips

When using the Cosco Easycut Cutter Knife with Self-Retracting Safety-Tipped Blade, there are a few safety precautions to keep in mind. The first precaution is to always angle the blade away from your body while you're cutting a box or item. Angling the blade away from your body ensures that you do not cut yourself in case your hand accidentally slips and the box cutter blade jerks toward the direction you're cutting. Another precaution to take is to never cut with a dull blade or a broken blade. Using an insufficient blade makes it more difficult to cut and makes you tug and pull the blade. This action of tugging and pulling increases the chance of your hand slipping and accidentally cutting yourself. A third precaution safety box cutter users advise is to always retract the blade when you're finished using the box cutter.

How Is This Box Cutter Safe?

The blades on this safety box cutter are self-retracting thanks to the squeeze handle on the box cutter. Once you drop or set down the box cutter, the squeeze handle is released and the blade automatically retracts. This reduces the risk of accidentally setting down the box cutter without having retracted the blade and cutting yourself when reaching to pick it up again at a later time.

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