Coreless Interleaved Rolls 7-10 gal. Trash Bags (1,000 ct.)

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The Coreless Interleaved Rolls 7-10 gal. Trash Bags (1,000 ct.) is a convenient and cost-effective solution for your bathroom or lighter trash needs. The last thing you want to worry about at your business is your bathroom garbage liner tearing apart as you pull to replace it with another bag. You or your employee having to dedicate extra effort due to a bag malfunction is a waste of time and offensive. Bathroom trash bags should do their job at holding content together so you can go on with other business priorities.

Are the Coreless Interleaved Rolls 7-10 Gal. Trash Bags Good for Bathrooms?

Bathroom trash bags have several purposes. This includes holding discarded contents, containing odor and not tearing apart. These small trash bags for bathroom use fulfill these purposes, making them a perfect product for businesses. Compared to other 7-gallon trash bags, the Coreless Rolls offer superior quality in keeping the contents secured. The bags are also able to be used as 10-gallon trash bags, their maximum size.

Can I Use Coreless Interleaved Rolls 7-10 Gal. Trash Bags in My Home?

Many home trash bags are very expensive, offering less than 100 count in many packages for about the same price. While those bags might work better for sharper and heavier items, such as discarded fruits and vegetables that are spoiled, the Coreless garbage bag is effective for all simple wastes. You can replace your bathroom trash bags with the Coreless Interleaved Rolls and save money over time. These bags are also handy for special events, such as holidays and birthdays.

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