Coreless Interleaved Rolls 55 Gal. Trash Bags (200 ct.)

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The Coreless Interleaved Rolls 55 Gal. Trash Bags (250 Ct.) are medium-density trash bags ideal for a variety of trash removal solutions. The 55-gallon trash bags are great for a variety of home and offices uses.

How Should the Garbage Bags Be Used?

The Coreless Interleaved Rolls 55 Gal. Trash Bags are large garbage bags that are made only for medium-density and low-density waste. This includes dull and light objects such as blunt metal, packaging waste, wet paper or other similar waste. Do not place liquid or sharp objects in the bag, or else leaking and tearing will likely occur. Because of the low- and medium-density capacity of the bags, they are great for use in any environment that produces relatively light trash, such as home offices or bathrooms. The Coreless Interleaved Rolls 55 Gal. Trash Bags can also be used in garages, backyard or sheds that contain workshops or worksites, as long as the waste is not particularly heavy or sharp. The bags can also be used in office break rooms or educational facilities.

How Can You Experience Easier Clean-Up?

When you take your trash bag out of the garbage can, you always have to replace the bag with another one, which can be a nasty ordeal. The great news is that there is a solution to this problem. All you have to do is simply take a trash bag and open it up without placing in the trash can. After this, place another trash bag in the first, and repeat until ten bags, or any number of desired bags, are in there. Next, place the trash bags inside your garbage can. After this process is followed, the clean-up will be a much easier experience.

Can the Trash Bags Be Recycled?

The trash bags themselves are recyclable, but only if they contain waste that is also eligible to be recycled.

Where Can the Trash Bags Be Purchased?

The coreless garbage rolls can be ordered online but you can also pick them up at your local Sam’s Club location.

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