Coreless Interleaved Rolls 40-45 Gal. Trash Bags (150 ct.)

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If you have a large yard, you understand the importance of 45-gallon trash bags. The Coreless Interleaved Rolls 40-45 gal. Trash Bags (150 ct.) are excellent large garbage bags for all kinds of hard work or heavy cleaning. It is important to find a garbage bag that can hold up to weight and won't tear, especially if you are using the bag for a large quantity of waste. The Coreless Interleaved Rolls 40-45 gal. Trash Bags are far more sturdy and capable than those small trash bags for bathroom use. These 45-gallon trash bags can handle the weight of your heavy-duty indoor and outdoor cleaning.

How Can I Be Sure the Garbage Bag Does Not Tear When Filled Completely.

The Coreless Interleaved Rolls 40-45 gal. Trash Bags are made from durable material; however, sharp objects can cause tears or create other weak points in the large garbage bags. If you are planning on putting something sharp inside these trash bags, you should consider first placing it in a paper bag or trying to surround it with other softer garbage pieces so you can protect the walls of the bag.

Are These 45-Gallon Trash Bags Suitable for Custodial Work?

Yes. The size of and capacity of these large trash bags are great for custodial work because they can typically be used for the entire building being cleaned, depending on the size of the building. In addition, they are black in color, which is ideal for custodial work so you can discretely remove waste from professional settings even during business hours and not worry that any of the garbage is visible.

Can I Use the Coreless Interleaved Rolls 40-45 Gal. Trash Bags at Home?

Yes. These large garbage bags are always useful to have on hand for large cleanups, especially in the yard or after hosting a party.

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