Brecknell GP100 USB Electronic Bench Scale - 100 lbs, 12x10 Platform

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The Brecknell® GP100 USB Electronic Bench Scale - 100 pounds, 12x10 Platform is a useful countertop or workshop scale for light, medium and heavier items. If you’re looking for a reliable, consistent and versatile electronic weighing scale for shipping or personal use, this scale will do the job. This durable electronic scale features an easy-to-read backlit LCD screen with four-digit accuracy. For those times when you have a giant package on the scale and it's blocking the display, there's a hold weight function that displays the weight of the package after it's been taken off the scale. This electric scale automatically shuts down after four minutes of idle use.

Is This an Accurate Weight Scale?

The Brecknell GP100 USB Electronic Bench is among the most accurate weight scales due to its electro-mechanical design. It combines the conventional mechanical elements of weight scale machines with the modern electronic technology of electric scales.

Will This Scale Connect to My Computer?

Yes, Brecknell® GP100 USB Electronic Bench Scale has a USB port for a direct connection to your computer. The cord is not included in this package. You can use the USB connection for power. The scale can be powered by a 9V battery, wall plug or via USB connection.

How Much Does the Scale Weigh?

This electric scale is made to be durable and withstand workshop use, so it has a hefty weight of six pounds. Its surface is covered in rubber grip so your delicate items don't slip off during weighing and your heavy items don't damage the scale surface.

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