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Baby Bottle Pop Candy Assorted Flavors (20 ct.)

  • Excellent choice for concession stands and convenience stores
  • Fun gift for birthdays or baby showers
  • Arrives in a display box
  • Included flavors: blue raspberry, strawberry and watermelon

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With Baby Bottle Pop® Candy Assorted Flavors (20 count), you can hand out candy that many people enjoy.

What's Baby Bottle Pop Candy Assorted Flavors?

This special assortment features a collection of Baby Bottle Pop candy, which can offer a fast and easy way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Shaped like a baby bottle, the tip is tasty, hard candy while the interior contains sour powder. As you dip the candy tip into the powder, you can then lick it off and experience the glorious mixture of sweet and sour candy. In this one box, you get three flavors: blue raspberry, strawberry and watermelon.

Perfect Candy to Carry Around

Thanks to its design, you can carry a Baby Bottle Pop almost anywhere with little effort. Small and compact, one baby bottle candy can fit in the palm of your hand, making it easy to bring to work or school. While you're on the road, this can offer an easy way to satiate your cravings and perhaps even provide a burst of energy to help you finish the day.

Kids Love Them

Rich with sweet flavors, a Baby Bottle Pop is a great way to reward kids for good behavior. Not only do they taste good, but they're also fun to eat, so you can give your child the best of both worlds. If they've finished their homework or scored well on a test, this can be an excellent prize.

Arrives in a Useful Display Box

Baby Bottle Pop candy comes in a large display box, which is ideal for convenience stores and concession stands because it makes each candy easily accessible. If you need to distribute treats to a large crowd of people, a display box like this can be convenient. All you have to do is set it up properly and you'll provide students, friends, or colleagues with instant access to an enjoyable treat.

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