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AriZona Green Tea With Ginseng and Honey (23oz / 24pk)

  • AriZona green tea with ginseng and honey is all natural

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Having a satisfying drink filled with antioxidants handy is a great way to refresh you on a hot day. AriZona Green Tea has ginseng and honey to increase the antioxidant powers of green tea with an added hint of natural sweetness. This package gives you two dozen tall cans with almost three servings of green tea in every container.

What Is the Shelf Life of AriZona Green Tea?

Every AriZona product has a freshness code printed on the bottom of the can that is based on the Julian calendar. This code tells the day of the year and the year in which they manufactured it. For example, if the code says W23818, then it means that the can was produced on the 238th day of the year 2018. All AriZona Green Tea cans have a shelf-life of two years for unopened products. A can manufactured in 2018 is fresh until 2020. Once you open a container of tea, however, you should consume it within 7 to 10 days if it remains refrigerated. If it is not refrigerated, then you should finish drinking it within 2 to 4 days.

Does Green Tea with Ginseng Have Caffeine?

All teas naturally have caffeine. However, when compared to popular blends like black and orange teas, green tea has significantly less caffeine per serving. Those wishing to cut down on their caffeine intake may consider drinking green tea instead of black or orange pekoe teas.

Can You Drink Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey Hot?

While AriZona Organic Green Tea is served in cans, you can warm it for a hot green tea drink. However, if you choose to heat the green tea and ginseng tea, do not do so in the aluminum can. Instead, pour the ginseng tea into a microwave-safe container and put it in the microwave until the desired temperature. As these drinks are naturally sweetened with honey, there is no need for you to add honey or sugar to your warmed beverage.

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