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Alera Veon Series Executive High-Back Leather Chair, Select Colors

  • Alera Veon Series Executive High-Back Leather Chair, Select Colors
  • Coil spring cushioned seat provides long-lasting support
  • Ergonomic side bolsters for added support
  • Adjustable lumbar support for optimal back positioning
  • Integrated cushioned leather headrest and padded leather armrests

Color: Brown
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The Alera® Veon Series Executive High-Back Leather Chair gives you all-day support and comfort. From the moment you get into the office until the moment you leave, this leather office chair will give you the cushioning you need. It comes in two attractive colors that can fit in with virtually any office.

What Features Does The Alera Veon Series Executive High-Back Leather Chair Have?

Several different features have been built into the Alera executive office chair that makes it a superior alternative to other office chairs. Beneath the cushioned seat is a coil spring support system that moves with you. Alera has also added in ergonomically designed side bolsters to create an extra layer of support that other chairs don't have. At the very top is a cushioned leather headrest for when you want to lean back and relax. That is matched by cushioned armrests that are perfect for resting on when you are writing or typing.

Is The Alera Veon Series Executive High-Back Leather Chair Adjustable?

There are several features on this comfortable office chair that you can tailor to your own personal preferences. The lumbar support piece is completely adjustable so you can maneuver it to give you the best possible position when you sit. You can also adjust the leather office chair up and down in accordance with your height.

Can The Alera Veon Series Executive Chair Reduce The Pain From Sitting?

If you sit for long periods of time, there are certain design features on this executive chair that can ease stiffness. The special waterfall seat is designed to reduce pressure points on your knees. The five-star base has protective foot zones that give you a place to rest your feet other than the floor, taking addition pressure off your joints.

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