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3.00 CT. Morganite with Diamond Cocktail Ring in 14K Rose Gold

  • Skillfully crafted in 14k rose gold
  • 10mm, round-cut, prong-set morganite stone
  • 38, round-cut, diamonds 
  • A high polish finish

Size: 4
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Pale pink morganite is a sight to behold carved in a classic round cut and set on a rose gold band paved with two rows of small diamonds along the frontWatch it become the most-worn and loved piece in your jewelry collection.   


What is the history of morganite? 

Known as the stone of Divine love, Vorvoberite or Morganite was first discovered in Madagascar in 1910. The stone was named morganite in honor of the financier John Pierpont Morgan who was a great admirer and collector of gemstones by the New York Academy of Sciences. 


What makes morganite special? 

One of the newest stones on the market, morganite was not discovered until the 20th century. Sincealmost every other gem predates morganitethe lesser-known stone makes for a unique and underrated choice that adds modern appeal. Its coloring falls somewhere pretty pale pink and light orange—so it’s full of sparkle and versatile!  


What makes diamonds special? 

You already know the answer to this one! Diamonds are one of the most coveted gemstones for good reasonRare and valuable, the luxurious colorless gems look good with literally everything. They are also the most popular pick for engagement rings and wedding bands, making them symbol of romance, loyalty and love.  


How should I wear this ring? 

Glamorous, elegant and lavish, this ring instantly catches looksWear it on your ring or pointer finger and get a mani to match—think ballet pink or nude polish—maybe with glittery finish. While we can think of dozens of places to wear it, we are especially fond of slipping it for cocktail events with a fancy dress. 


What inspired this design? 

The perfect way to ring in the New Year, this gorgeous ring was inspired by French champagne. The diamond detail represents the effervescent bubbles and the morganite stone, full of sparkle, resembles the hue of a light yellowish-pink drink. The 14-karat rose gold band is symbolic of the metallic foil wrapping that makes the bottle look luxe.  





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