0.50 CT. T.W. Diamond Halo Heart Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

Size: 4
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Crafted in 14k white gold, the heart-cut diamond center stone spells love each time you look at it. Don't miss the halo of diamonds surrounding the heart, they tell stories of splendour. A layered design on the shank further enhances the beauty of this extraordinary ring. Make a wish, or rather just gift this ring and the wish will be true - she will be yours forever.

What do diamonds symbolize?

Diamonds have been admired by objects of desire since ancient times and have been adorned by women and men for centuries for many reasons. It was believed by the ancient Greeks that the intense fire that burns when a diamond is created symbolizes the quality of eternal love and commitment. Diamonds are said to bring the wearer great strength, protection, and clarity. Worn as protection in battle, diamonds have been embellished throughout histories & cultures.

Why are diamonds associated with love?

Perhaps one of the earliest associations between diamonds and romantic love dates back to classical antiquity as it was believed that Cupid's arrows were tipped with dazzling diamonds. Still the top ranked gemstone among brides and gemstone shoppers, diamonds add a luxurious touch. On this ring, the timeless gem generates maximum sparkle thanks to its feminine halo setting.

What is the history between the heart shape and its association with love?

Throughout the centuries, heart shaped jewelry has taken on a variety of meanings. It gained popularity as symbol for love during the reign of Queen Victoria. She herself wore a piece of jewelry with hearts representing each one of her children. 

What inspired this design?

Love meets elegance with this gorgeous ring, that says much without saying anything at all. The feeling of soft love for each other is the idea behind this pretty ring. A sparkling addition to your jewelry collection.

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